Why take chances?

Concerned about theft, tampering, loss of valuables, weather conditions, scratches, damages, burst zips and general wear and tear? Do you need to have your surfboard, bike, skis or golf-set packed? Do you need the pram wrapped? Do you want to take a few bottles of fine New Zealand wines with you?

Our automated (stretch-film technology) wrapping machine is at your service. Luggage, prams and sports equipment etc. can be film wrapped or packed into strong plastic bags with heat sealed straps. Strapped polystyrene wine boxes and bubble wrapping are also available. Bikes are packed into Euro style clear plastic bike bags and strapped with heat sealed straps. See picture and conditions for bike packing here.

Your enquiry is welcome should you have an unusually sized or shaped item to pack.

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Prices are indicative and are subject to change without notice.

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